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DCK CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO. LTD. was  established in 1992 and has operated in manufacturing of light construction equipment and machinery.
In the product range of DCK CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY Bar Cutting & Bending Machines, Concrete Mixer,Cranes Controlled the Ground, Vibrating Plates with Tray and miscellaneous hand tools take place.
DCK CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY serves the high-quality products to its valuable customers with its qualified, experienced technical team and last technological machine park by processing all Quality Control steps.
DCK CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY manufactures high-quality products by following last technological improvements according to your demands.
DCK CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY supports its products and valuable customers by providing 2 years of warranty duration and all kinds of technical servicing.

All of our products are certified according to TS EN ISO 9001: 2000, CE and OHSAS 18001: 1999 standards;
* To determine a quality policy, training of our personals and controlling of the convenience our aims.
* Correlating the international legal and standards and following up.
* Continuously being in operation to adapt quality management requirements, permanent betterments and
*To operate according to customer- oriented policy and design products for customer fulfillment by renovation.
*On-time delivery. 



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